A community project exploring the messy middle of achieving success

  • 20 business owners demystify how they keep their motivation high and keep showing up when it feels like no one is paying attention 
  • Hear stories and ideas about what it takes to get buy-in and the actions these business owners took to get more people on board with their message.
  • Learn how to get other people to become champions and advocates of your work.


It’s so easy to see someone land that TEDx talk and think, “that should have been me.”

They land a book deal, and you think, “that should have been me.” They get a Forbes feature, and you think, “that should have been me.” 

It’s 100% possible to be wildly thrilled for someone and still feel that tinge of envy about an opportunity we want for ourselves. 

That’s natural! We see the happy ending and compare our messy middle with it, and our brains are hardwired to do that.

But what about what we don’t see? The bits that come before the Instagram-worthy end goal. 

The loneliness, the rejection, the showing up to do the work when no one is paying attention. The envy that happens when you see someone less qualified get opportunities you want. The frustration when people don’t “get” your work. 

What we don’t see is the people showing up to advocate for their work day-in-day-out. We don’t see the rejected TEDx pitches, podcast pitches, book proposals, the potential clients who say no. 

Let’s shine a light on the messy middle - on the work that happens when no one is watching (or applauding or heck, even liking our posts).

I was so struck by Derek Siever’s How to Start a Movement TED Talk, in which he shows a “lone nut” - a dude dancing like no one is watching, and then someone joins him (almost instantaneously). 

But here’s what you don’t see: that’s not exactly how it went down.

That guy was letting his freak flag fly for a good 5 minutes before someone else joined in. He wasn’t looking around, hoping, or even paying attention to anybody else. The dude just kept dancing. And eventually, he was surrounded by people dancing just like him. He inspired a movement.

The purpose of this project is to shine a spotlight on that time when no one is dancing with you.

The journey we don’t post on Instagram when we’re trying to advocate for our work, get other people to buy in, or distill an idea into something valuable to others and profitable for our business. 

I want to empower and inspire you to keep advocating for your work. To keep refining that message until it resonates. To show up with the imperfect message. To take more bold risks and to make more bold asks. 

I want to help you feel less alone, less defeated, and less frustrated while you’re trying to gather your people and breakthrough with your message.

This project is for the misfits, rebels, mavericks, and anyone who doesn’t feel like they fit in online business.

It’s time for us to band together so we can lift each other up and impact more people with our work. Together.


Community project with 20 guests

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